Wave, Tall Tree and Love


Throughout the day and throughout the night;

The waves paced back and forth;

And as the sounds uttered to and fro;

Only those on shore could become listeners;

Then eventually interpreters to the oceans

sensual whispers and mighty roars.

Tall Tree

The Protector of Mind for this trees’s strength

Shall protect me from all out there who wish to harm me .

This tall tree shall follow me with all it’s green

So that the beating sun does not have it’s way with me.

This tall tree will be with me through the hard times

And watchover me with it’s drifting rhymes.

This tall tree will be there for me to climb

When the creatures of the night come a calling for their human wine.

Some people think I’m sick in the mind;

But this tall tree, in which I care for, is all mine .


I saw a beautiful young dove dancing in the blue moonlight

I knew it found love because it was a wonderful sight

When I find my dove I will dance through the night

Remembering this moment as if it were the first day of our lives.


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