Hey!I’m Angelina Jolie too : )

This morning,while on the way to my office (as usually, dad drives) I was listening to traxx.fm. The DJ open topic about how many women out there cannot cooking or don’t cook as Angelina Jolie did. I thought i want to ring the radio, but nahh…just forget it. When i read about Jolie who doesn’t cook for her family while her hubby doing it, it made me realize something about myself. Lesson that I thought about is that you don’t have to be shame if you can’t cook. So what if you really can’t cook? Yeah I know. You’re afraid if someone find out that you don’t have skill to cook. Just like me. My sisters always commented on my cooking. They said I don’t have the skill, don’t know what to serve or how to serve food properly and bla..bla…bla….Men, i can’t stop them from saying such a harsh word because it’s their mouth. They claim themself expert cook and mom and dad agree on it, and no doubt they can cook better than me. As in the family i am the only daughter who really sucks on cooking. It’s not that I can’t cook at all. It just that, I don’t have confident to cook and most of the time the taste of my cooking is bad. But I know a few recipes such as masak lemak cili api, ikan sumbat cili, ayam goreng pedas and many other spicy meal. The latest recipe that i like to cook and my family like it is ikan siakap kukus. At least, they praise on me for this cook. So I can say that I am better than Jolie, right? Yeah, Jolie don’t really have to worry about her cooking skill because she’s world famous actress, beautiful, and deemed to be good mother to her childrens and has handsome hubby beside her, who can afford to buy or to have anything in this world. She even can hire as many as servant or chef if she want. So why must she worry? Unlike normal people like me, people will said something behind you if you suck at cooking. Especially for those who are single women. My culture had determined if a single woman can’t cook, she hardly to get married. Because after married, women need to serve his hubby and the worst if you don’t or can’t cook at all, your hubby will run away from you. I’m not sure either this is taboo or not. But I halfly believe it can be happen. My culture (again) said cooking is one way to attract the hubby and can increased the love between of hubby and wife. So, what about Jolie-Pitt in this case? Will Pitt run away from her just because she don’t cook? For me, i would rather think it is silly reason to break up relationship just because your wife don’t cook or can’t cook. As for me, I will never give up to improve my skill and don’t bother what my sisters said to me. As long as I can eat my cooking and the taste is good to me, that’s good enough.


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